• Ultimate Secret Box (Call&MMS) 2.12 (2.12) (PRO) Android Apk App

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    Ultimate Secret Box (Call&MMS) 2.12 (PRO)


    This ProKey replaces the old stand-alone Pro-version.
    How to use:
    – Once you install this key, you should restart USB in order to recognize the key. If it does not still recognize it, please restart your phone and try again
    – You should’n uninstall the key or revert to free version
    *** If you previously purchased Pro-version. Purchase this key and send us a refund request from Google Wallet for the Pro-version, we will refund for you***
    *** What is Ultimate Secret Box
    Ultimate Secret Box allows you to hide all call logs and text messages in a password protection box.
    It’s now fully compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)
    Build upon Blacklist technology, this small box is completely secure and protect your privacy. Once you add a number into this box, no one can see your call logs and sms (both incoming and outgoing)
    1. Most wanted features
    ☆ Import contacts from your Phonebook
    ☆ Move all call logs/ sms (in the past and in the future) to secret box
    ☆ 40 alternative free themes
    ☆ Restore logs and messages any time along with contact (numbers, emails)
    ☆ Replace stock notification by Secret Box notification (hide number in notifications) (experimental)
    ☆ Password protection to make it work as a private sms and call log
    ☆ Migrate/restore sms and call logs in two clicks
    ☆ Option to hide icon from Launcher/Drawer (PRO, launch app by dial a pre-defined number, default dial number is 8888)
    ☆ Option to two factor protection (dial then PIN)
    2. Important notes
    ☆ Request PIN by email (pre-configure required)
    ☆ This app is shown as “USB Pro” in your launcher
    ☆ Don’t forget to restore all Secret Box’s contacts before uninstall this app
    3. Compatibility notes:
    If you use Chomp, Handcent, and Go SMS, please read guide to configure these apps in order to work with Secret Box.
    New feature are coming
    ☆ Sort contacts by different ways
    ☆ MMS Filtering
    Note: by default, when icon is hide, dial 8888 to open the app.
    ** Affiliation **
    Ultimate Secrect Box is not affiliated with SPC, Private SMS/MMS Box, Fox Private Message, Horizon, Locky, Hide Text & Call logs, Shady SMS, or Text Eraser.

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