• The Godfather: Empire v2.1.1 (2.1.1) Android Apk Game

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    The Godfather: Empire v2.1.1
    Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
    Overview: Take out rival Families, recruit powerful Associates, and build the biggest Organization in 1940s New York.

    ** Features **
    – Expand your Organization by recruiting over TWO HUNDRED unique Associates.
    – Play online against other players.
    – Add friends to your Mob to take our other players and level-up Associates faster.
    – Do Jobs to recruit Associates, learn Skills, acquire Equipment, and take-out NPC Bosses.
    – Free updates – new Jobs, Equipment, Associates, and more!
    – Further explore the story of the first Godfather movie.
    – Hundreds of different items, classic cars, old-school weaponry, and more!
    – Purchase Favors in-game to give your Organization an advantage over the other guy.
    – Turn-based fighting system – choose Associates to head up your crew and equip your Mob with the equipment gear to win!
    – Every Associates has a special ability that helps your organization:
    — Stat Boosts
    — Improved Investment Cost/Payout
    — Faster Timers
    — Increased Chance of Job Loot/Money/XP

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